May 9, 2004

Jay Dugger comments on techlepathy

My transhumanist friend Jay Dugger dropped me an email today to comment on my techlepathy piece for Betterhumans.

"I think your techlepathy over-emphasizes hearing. Humans have many other sense modalities. Humans will soon transcieve live video (wearcam phone) to one another as easily as we now transcieve live audio (cell phone)."

To which I responded:

Ah, very good point. Ultimately, we're talking about direct access to our language interpretation centers of the brain. Currently the best and easiest way to do so is through hearing, so that's why I stressed that particular aspect.

Jay also recommended a couple of sci-fi novels on the subject: Stapledon's "Star Maker" and David Gerrold's science fiction series, "War Against the Chtorr"

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