May 9, 2004

Betterhumans press release

Here's the Betterhumans press release announcing our updated site:
New Betterhumans Website an Info Seeker's Delight

Leading science and technology Webzine gets cleaner interface, faster response times and new features to facilitate information foraging

Finding information on issues and developments in advancing science and technology just got easier.

Today's rapid pace of scientific and technological advancement makes it difficult to keep track of developments as they happen. With a mandate of connecting people to the future, editorial production company Betterhumans provides news, features and resources that help people make sense of accelerating change.

Now Betterhumans is pleased to announce a new version of its Website that's designed to make it even easier to access its leading science, technology and health-related content.

"If there's one thing that Internet users have shown time and again it's a craving for functionality, usability and the ability to easily locate information of interest," says Simon Smith, Editor-in-chief of Betterhumans. "The new has been designed to help people find the information they seek, as well as get that information faster."

Previous visitors to Betterhumans will immediately notice that the site is cleaner and more user-friendly, featuring drop-down menus to ease navigation. Behind the scenes, the site makes better use of caching and has been optimized in other ways to improve response times.

Information foragers will be happy about new topic-finder functionality that allows users to browse an index of all topics Betterhumans covers and to use this to access all editorial—from news items to columns—on a given topic. Each content item now also displays its topics, enabling users to link through from them to an index of related content. And new search functionality allows users to search for specific content, such as events and directory items.

The new version of marks the beginning of several Betterhumans initiatives planned for the second and third quarter of 2004 as the company seeks to expand its offering and increase its reach.

"The launch of the revised Website is an important milestone for us," says George Dvorsky, Deputy Editor of Betterhumans. "It's an integral step forward as we continue to improve Betterhumans at all levels."

About Betterhumans

Aiming to connect people to the future so that they can create it, Betterhumans is an editorial production company that's dedicated to having the best information, analysis and opinion on the impact of advancing science and technology. Betterhumans runs leading Website, connects advertisers with its audience, licenses editorial for syndication and republication and offers clients custom research and custom editorial services.

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