May 9, 2004

84% of the Betterhumans audience can't be wrong

Interesting results to our nanotechnology poll on Betterhumans this week. We asked, "Which scientist is right about the prospect of nanobots, Eric Drexler or Richard Smalley?" While I expected the majority to side with Drexler, I was stunned at just how many sided with Drexler and with just how few sided with Smalley -- a miniscule 2%!

Here are the entire poll results with 148 votes in:
Drexler: It is possible to create engineered nanoscale machinery for molecular manufacturing: 84%
Smalley: Nanobots are impossible and the assembly of complex molecular structures is more subtle and complex than advocates think: 2%
I'm still weighing the evidence: 11%
What's a nanobot, and who are these people? 2%

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