November 28, 2008

Open thread

First ever open thread on Sentient Developments. You know what to do; go ahead and comment on anything you like. What are your current thoughts? Any questions or disagreements? Suggestions?


dharmicmel said...

okay, I'll try it: I've been thinking about machine sentience, and the eyes of 2029, gone voodoo-wild to the greater expectations of the consensus agreement; something completely unexpected for the pages turning, despite the handwriting on the wall; catch as catch can, however, because it is still very much a guessing game; quite fascinating to be sure; and even more than that because we live in times when we are thinking about and working on human possibilities, and, transhuman impossible possibilities; it's shaking things to their very foundations; I think the new Buddha is dancing in the background, about to show who is really going to be a mover and a shaker, and getting ready for an evolved being and becoming, and we are all invited

dharmicmel said...

we have not yet encountered any type of civilization or any type of extraterrestrials from any part of the universe; it's taken billions of years to get to
where we are now; is it possible that the same thing has happened elsewhere in the universe, and therefore extraterrestrials are pretty much at the same level of development that we are?; if so, then that would account for why we
haven't been contacted; further, supposing that in fact we are the only game in town, as it were?; wouldn't that make it all the more imperative to do everything we can to make sure we move on, and eventually spread out into
the universe at the speed of light, as Kuraweil has suggested, and find out if there is a case that goes beyond metaphor into ... < ! > ... and comes out as
trans-spirituality, or something else, something entirely unknown and unexpected?

dharmicmel said...

In thinking about cyberimmortality, or some variations therein, I am made to
wonder just how really clueless we might be; I'm not against any efforts being made or that will be made; what I am concerned with is what it might be like, and if we are really ready for it, or if we would ever be ready for it; those who believe, and have believed, in a God and an afterlife as so ordained, just seem to take it for granted that they are going to heaven, and will live in peace and harmony, forever; there doesn't seem to be much thought about what it would be like, nor does it seem even to be a matter that requires
significant thought; just die and go right on into it; that is blind faith, if you ask me; transhumanists, on the other hand, are going to try to make it happen, using the mind, science, and technolgy, as they see it as being the only way it can ever happen, assuming it is possible; but no one knows what it would be
like to live for 1,000 years, or what the psychology of it would be, or the state of presence then in the scheme of things; immortality seems, like God, to be
ineffable; from the transhumanist point of view, their is no omniopotent, mysterious plan in place; all we have right now, is ourselves, and each other; I
would like to hear from others on this .....

dharmicmel said...

on a more serious note:

as a public announcement, and because I am a tireless crusader for the common good, as well as being extremely modest, from time to time I post a list of common side affects that should be made available to the commoners, couch potatoes, and evolutionary throwbacks; the nice thing about this advisory, is that it can be applied to a plethora of social conditions and situations; one size fits all, so to speak; they are no-brainers as well, and so much the better, all things considered

common side effects include occasional chills, dizziness, spontaneous astral projection while driving a car or operating heavy machinery, unexplained time loss, mutated libido, profuse sweating, uncontrollable flatulence, chronic swear mouth, camel breath, body temperature of 107 degrees for hours at a time, advanced cooties, large armpit bulges, blue urine, garbage dump breath, spontaneous ejaculations in church, zit lips, extreme promiscuity, and frequent robophobe outbursts

if any of these symptoms persist for more than 120 days, consult your priest first, because you may not make it to your physician; considering the price, you may not want to; four hour erections, though rare, should be considered as a golden opportunity and/or a blessing; look out world !; God is great !

Shaun O. said...

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Stu said...

Bring Back the Podcast!