July 23, 2007

Chicago Day 2

Today was an exhausting but wonderful day. There were no conference related activities so we spent the day wandering around various parts of Chicago.

We visited Chicago's China Town, U.S. Cellular Field, the Bridgeport neighborhood, a Zhou Brothers art studio, Millennium Park and a ton of places in between. We attended a Transhumanist Student Network meeting, visited umpteen coffee shops and hung out at the Fairmont Hotel listening to conference organizers. Today I drank freshly squeezed orange juice, avoided getting run over by insane taxi drivers, gazed up at the Sear's Tower, rode the CTA, talked far too much philosophy, and took about 150 photographs.

Ben Hyink, the local organizer, has gone way beyond the normal call of duty and has been an outstanding and enthusiastic tour guide. He's a big part of why we're having such a great start to the week.

At the end of the day, and too physically exhausted to do anything else, our group of touristy futurist enthusiasts just hung out in Millennium park debating the finer points of existence and the transhumanist project.

My feet are blistered and completely swollen. My eyelids are heavy. I must crash now and get some rest; I give my first presentation tomorrow at the Longevity Symposium tomorrow afternoon.

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