July 22, 2007

Chicago Day 1

I'm in Chicago now after a long day of driving. I arrived at my hotel around 5:30pm which left lots of time for evening activities.

Me and my friend Sagan met up with Ben Hyink at the Chicago Diner in Boys Town. It's an all-vegetarian restaurant which suited me just fine. Actually, the food was quite amazing. We were soon joined by several other conference attendees who arrived early (the conference doesn't get started until Monday).

After great food and conversation we walked around Wrigleyville to see the various sights and sounds. Chicago is a very cool city. We even took in an excellent improv show at Stage Left.

It's late now -- 1:15am -- and it'll be early rise tomorrow for another full day.

So, a great start to what is going to be a great week.

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