March 17, 2012

Dave Asprey: Creatine + Dual N-Back training will boost IQ

Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive, claims that his IQ was raised 30 points by taking creatine and going through Dual N-Back training exercises. While I'm suspicious of the 30 point claim (seriously?!), I'm quite sure there's some merit to his proposition that the combination of the two can be a very potent cognitive booster. I myself have written about the merits of creatine and N-Back training in the past, though I haven't tried the latter. Perhaps it's time I did.


Elf Sternberg said...

Sadly, it would be really nice if I could use Creatine, but I seem to be one of those people very sensitive to it, and always develop really bad acid reflux.

Dave Asprey said...

That was out of context - I (Dave Asprey, the guy in the video) used techniques that raise your IQ by more than 30 points, including creatine and dual-n-back...but also EEG neurofeedback (12 IQ points there...) and smart drugs. Just dual-n-back and creatine probably won't get you to 30 unless your mitochondria are nearly dead and you were Einstein before they aged. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

I hope you can answer my questions: What smart drugs did you use? Did you go to a professional for the EEG neurofeedback or you did it on your own? If the latter, what apparatus did you use?

I hope to get some results of of this. What improvement to your life did you experience, apart from performance on iq tests?

Thanks in advance.