October 5, 2011

Quantified self + Paleo

Quantified self guru Seth Roberts recently attended the Ancestral Health Symposium. His take-away: The QS and Paleo health communities need each other. He basically argues that Paleo is not persuasive enough and that it desperately requires more data and experimentation to prove efficacy. At the same time, however, Roberts is excited by the prospect and makes the claim that Paleo "could change the world." He says,
The Paleo people are really pretty brainy. I mean, they don't particularly talk that way or show it off, but from a lot of the talks that I heard, I understood that there was a lot of smart thinking going on, and a lot of scholarship, and a lot of critical thinking where they don't just accept something because somebody says it.
Check out Roberts's talk at the Quantified Self Silicon Valley meetup at Stanford’s Calming Technologies lab.

Seth Roberts: QS + Paleo.


ZarPaulus said...

I said it before and I'll say it again.

"Quantified self" does not work, there's too much variation in the human species.

George said...

Wow, you've really missed the point behind QS. It's about individualized data tracking, which addresses the human variation problem in a very direct way. Moreover, you can still glean tremendous insight by studying data sets. There's power behind the mean.

Valentin Kravtchenko said...

@ ZarPaulus QS use an cybernetic approach by using the idea of capturing/tracking information in order to provide a constant feedback to the user. So the information used for the feedback is not generic, it's based on the user