October 20, 2011

Careful now, you may be the 1%

The Occupy Wall Street chant of, "We are the 99%" got me thinking: Where do I stand in terms of wealth from a global perspective? Thankfully, I found an online calculator, the Global Rich List, that helped me find the answer.

To my surprise, I am firmly placed within the top 1% as far as global salaries go--and chances are you are, too. If you make more than USD$47,500 per year, then you are the top 1%. Going down from there, you are in the top 5% if your annual salary is $35,000, and within the top 10% if it's at at least $25,000. This is what happens when you have a planet of 6.8 billion people and 80% of them live on less than $10 a day.

So just keep that in mind when you smugly proclaim that you're one of the have-nots.

Taking a more local perspective, and considering just the United States alone (I unfortunately do not have figures for elsewhere), if your salary is $87,000 you are within the top 10%. You're in the top 5% if you make at least $120,000. Median salary in the U.S. is around $25,000. Further breakdowns are available here.


Doug said...

A bit of a simplistic analysis.

Many of the 1% don't have salaries, they have assets.

Of course globally anyone who isn't actually living in a hole in the ground is doing ok. This is hardly news.

The issue is surely not "anyone not living in a hole in the ground is an ungrateful fool" but "shit a small number of people really fucked things up and ended up with all the cash".

RomeoStevens said...

They are the 99%, and 99% of them probably have smart phones.