April 26, 2009

John Maddox: The Skeptical Prophet [obit]

John Maddox, the former editor of Nature, died last week. Maddox was a controversial figure for his views of planetary resiliency; he frequently butted heads with environmentalists and global warming alarmists, and had been doing so since 1972.

He debunked the catastrophists, most notably in his book, “The Doomsday Syndrome,” in which he argued that the Earth had more carrying capacity and ecological resilience than environmentalists realized. His book was denounced at the time by John P. Holdren, who is today the White House science advisor.

Maddox did not dispute that carbon dioxide emissions could drive global warming, but said: "The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] is monolithic and complacent, and it is conceivable that they are exaggerating the speed of change."

Check out his obituary in the NYT.

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