September 17, 2008

Cafe Scientifique: "Should Science Shape the Modern Athlete?"

I will be taking part in a Cafe Scientifique panel hosted by the Ontario Science Centre on Saturday September 20.

Should Science Shape the Modern Athlete?

Are today's athletes a delicate combination of nutritional supplements, steroids, sports psychologists, interval training routines and technological advances? Have we lost sight of the meaning of athletics, or are we finally focusing on our human potential for achievement by using technology, biology, materials science, and engineering to our advantage?

Join experts and other inquiring minds for drinks, discussion and debate.

Terry Graham, Ph D - Professor, Human Health & Nutritional Sciences Dept., Univ of Guelph
George Dvorsky - President, Toronto Transhumanist Association.
Sheldon Persad - Canadian Sport Centre Strength and Conditioning Service Provider, and Co-founder of Personal Best Health & Performance Inc.

Saturday Sept 20th 2008
4pm to 6pm
The Rivoli, 334 Queen St. W.(just east of Spadina on the North side of the street)


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