April 8, 2008

Latest podcast posted: 2008.04.08

The latest episode of the Sentient Developments Podcast is now available. Alternative audio formats are also available.

This episode:
  • Eight tips to dramatically improve your chances of living forever

  • Exploring George's existential angst

    Michael Anissimov said...

    Hey George. What's the track at the beginning? I really like it.

    Btw, I would suggest displaying slightly fewer posts on your front page. Maybe my computer is just not super-up-to-date, but Firefox freezes for like 10 seconds when I load it.

    George said...

    Do you mean the introductory track? If so, that's my own composition from a few years ago. I can make the entire track available to you if you'd like.

    George said...

    Track listing for this episode:

    Maserati: "Assymetric Threats"
    The Ocean: "Stratherian"
    65daysofstatic: "65 Doesn't Understand You"