May 18, 2007

Sentient Developments Retrospective: Part V

This week marks the 5th anniversary of Sentient Developments. This will be the final day of my retrospective. Today's entry reviews the best of November 2006 through to the present.
  • The Ashley X story hit prime time in January 2007 and I found myself embroiled in the controversy. Back on November 6, 2006 I published the article, Helping Families Care for the Helpless, in which I defended the actions of Ashley's parents. They in turn cited the article to help explain their actions. Among the many interviews I did that week I appeared on the BBC.

  • Also in January I appeared on the CBC's 'The Hour' and discussed the future of humans.

  • I came up with 30 must-know terms for the 21st century intellectual. This article went completely viral and is undoubtedly my most popular post.

  • Beliefnet offered me the opportunity to respond to Nigel Cameron's bioconservative concerns. In the interview, titled "Nanotechnology Will Reshape Humanity," I discussed such things as security, privacy, nanotech and the ethics of enhancement.

  • The Blogisattva Awards were announced earlier this year and my blog was the winner of two awards: Best Achievement Blogging on Matters Philosophical or Scientific and Best Achievement in Wonderful, Remarkable, Elegant Design.

  • I wrote about cheating vs. enhancement in chess and the future of chess.

  • I railed against the prospect of giving up sleep.

  • I hated Aronofsky's pro-death 'Fountain', I declared that Star Trek's 'Prime Directive' was stupid (which pissed off a number of Trekkies -- just check out the comments), and wrote about 'Jesus Camp' and the art of brainwashing children.

  • I wondered if the world was ready for cyborg athletes and the New York Times quoted my 'sober' opinion.

  • I wanted to have nothing to do with mind controlling parasites.

  • I argued that there there should be an X Prize for an artificial biosphere.

  • I worried about our pending authoritarian neugenic nation.

  • I defended the right to be wrong and tolerated Holocaust deniers and global warming skeptics.

  • I discovered that Second Life was a dangerous place where perils abound and terrorists struggle for their digital rights. I also joined Facebook and paid witness to the the ongoing demise of anonymity.

  • I argued that British Columbia was right to seize Jehovah's Witnesses babies.

  • I struggled to manage my 50,000 daily thoughts. I wrote about synesthetic art and interpretation.

  • I felt that resistance was futile and that we should not even bother to prepare for an alien invasion.

  • I wondered if non-human animal uplift was imperialistic.
  • A heart-felt thanks goes out to all my regular readers! I deeply appreciate the support you've given me over the years!