January 24, 2007

Richard Clarke on NPR

Richard Clarke, the counterterrorism czar to Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, was recently interviewed on NPR.

Clarke talks about his latest novel, Breakpoint, and discusses such issues as cyber-insecurity, the growing threat from China, transhumanism (human enhancement, mind-machine mergers) and the Singularity. He also talks about the fact that the US has disavowed genetic modification for enhancement and speculates about what would be done if other countries allowed it.

Clarke is a former counterterrorism official and is currently a consultant for ABC News, adjunct faculty member at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and author of Against All Enemies and The Scorpion's Gate.

[thanks to Gary for the link]

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Gary Franczyk said...

I thought it was cool to see a national figure talking intelligently about futurist technologies such as human enhancement and the singularity. On a nationally syndicated show, no less.

Maybe this is the beginning of a larger conversation about these topics.