May 30, 2006

IEET HETHR Photostream

Here's a photostream of photos I took at the IEET's recent Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights conference. You can check out my Flickr account here.

Some samples:


Anonymous said...

Well, that was fun. I went through and left Flickr Comments on the images of the names that I recognized. A nice job by George Dvorsky and well done all around -- the high-quality images, the informative captions and the fascinating Photostream -- bravo!

George said...

Mindmaker: Thank you for the positive feedback and your comments. It was a lot of work sifting thru over a hundred pics, dumbing them down manually, uploading them, tagging, and labelling them. But I figured there would be a number of people who would appreciate the effort.

Anne Corwin said...

George: Wow...I think it's great that you were able to capture so many images from the conference. It really was quite an info-saturating experience, and it's interesting to see the different media through which various people are processing the information after the fact.