June 1, 2004

Boards of Canada

Several months ago I discovered the Scottish electronic duo, Boards of Canada. I can't stop listen to these guys. I'd say they're the most interesting electronic music act to come along in the past 5 years, certainly the best since Aphex Twin hit the scene early last decade. If you like bands such as Casino Versus Japan or Marumari you'll totally get into these guys.

I would describe their music as Brian Eno meets Aphex Twin and Autechre. There's a minimalism to their music that I am particularly drawn to. Some Kraftwerk and very early Vangelis can also be heard in their music. But that's not to say that their stuff isn't highly distinctive and original -- which it is in droves.

BoC provide a very lo-fi sonic experience. They mesh beautifully crafted synth melodies with haunting soundscapes. At some times their tracks are earthy and organic, while at other times spacey and other worldly. Never before has 1970s futurism sounded so cool. Listening to their tracks takes me back to a time when I watched Science International and Dr. Who on television.

Another thing that gives their music such a unique flavour is that their music sounds de-tuned with warbling tape effects. It often sounds like their tracks are being played out of a film projector taken directly from my grade 6 geography class. And in some of their tracks I think they might have even sampled some of the dialogue from films shown to me in my grade 6 geography class!

Anyways, if you haven't heard their stuff yet, be sure to check them out.

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