March 2, 2004

Two Day Fast

I have all but completed my first 2-day fast (I'll have some fruit for breakfast tomorrow AM). I haven't eaten anything since Sunday evening except the Master Cleanser drink (water, lemon juice, honey, salt, and cayenne pepper). I've got the 1-day fast down-pat, but I have to admit, the 2-day was hard. I was surprised how distracted I was and how little energy I had (sad commentary, really, about the effect of coffee). I had all these plans to do yoga and writing tonight, but I ended up renting and watching a couple of cool movies (American Splendor and Okamura's Memories). But I know I'm going to feel great tomorrow and for the rest of the week. These little exercises do strengthen my mental fortitude and self-control, and it's helping me prepare for the Big One later this month: the 10-day juice fast.

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