October 5, 2010

Hacks to help you stay healthy

Good advice here. Summarized:

  • Drink tons of water
  • Drink more tea
  • Cut out the corn syrup
  • Enjoy a fattening breakfast
  • Eat slower
  • Put leftovers away before eating
  • Overload on veggies
  • Don't eat and multi-task
  • Instead of snacking, brush your teeth
  • Buy food with cash
  • Make a "veggie section" in your shopping cart
  • Listen to music while you work out
  • Watch less TV
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Weigh yourself


Stu said...

Eat more seeds and pulses
And my most important one: Avoid stress, stay happy.

Dura Mater said...

One caveat to this - running, bike riding, etc. outdoor while listening to music is dangerous to self and others (don't hear cars, possible attackers or others in your path). Besides being mindful of your environment while outdoors is probably good for you - the world is an amazing place!

Anonymous said...

I had to check with the original article to find out why in the world some of those things were on there because they didn't make any sense to me. Turns out that the reasons behind them were not at all relevant to my habits and lifestyle. For example "don't eat and multi-task" had to do with forgetting how much you've been snacking while you work. I don't normally snack while working, in part because I tend to be too busy and focused to think about food. But when I do, I portion it out before eating. It's not really possible to "forget" and eat too much by accident. And that's not even the reason why I do that in the first place!

(Also, "Watch less TV" - can someone tell me how to watch a negative amount of television? LOL)

Counterpoint to the teeth-brushing thing: Over-fluoridation is bad for your teeth. So if anyone takes that advice, use non-fluoride toothpaste.