June 11, 2008

What I've been reading: 2008-06-11


Anonymous said...

That story about the US military and brain enhancement for soldiers is interesing. I'm surprised how our military seems so open to the idea of human enhancement when many of our government leaders are so conservative.

I like your blog, there's lots of informative and interesting content.

Check out my new neuroscience/neurotechnology/artificial intelligence blog. I try to cover a few transhumanist/enhancement type stuff once and a while.

Have a good one.

Eva said...

These reading lists are great -- thank you!

There's a line in the "Triumph of the Pill" article that really sums up the debate about ADD drugs on college campuses: "As usual, the law gets it backwards: While it is perfectly legal to feed—even force feed—Ritalin to a child, unsupervised use by knowledgeable grownups is a crime." Yikes.