February 3, 2007

Sexist Kia ad under attack

Several weeks ago I blogged about a Kia car commercial in which a female police offer pulls over a male driver so that she can make out with him. I complained that the ad was a typical example of the double-standard that exists today in male-female power relations.

Well, the ad is now under attack in Canada and will likely soon be banned (if not already). The complaints are slightly different than my own; the ad offends on several levels.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police are asking for the full withdrawal of the ad. According to Deputy Chief Sue O'Sullivan, the "commercial implies that female police officers are unprofessional and perpetuates the stereotype that women are not suitable for police work by objectifying them in this matter."

Tony Ciccia, the VP of the ad agency that created the spot, countered that it was meant to be humourous and he's "shocked" that police groups are outraged by the ad.

Peterborough police Chief Terry McLaren echoed O'Sullivan's sentiments in a written statement: "This commercial is sexist and demeans our entire profession, particularly our female officers who serve their communities with professionalism and dignity," The association is also asking Kia for a public apology.

For those who are curious, you can see the ad on YouTube (of course).

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