August 13, 2006

Cryonics Society of Canada potluck dinner, 2006

This past Saturday August 12 was the Cryonics Society of Canada's annual potluck dinner. Allan Randall, the director of CSC, was kind enough to organize and host the event.

This was my first time attending a CSC event (I don't have a cryonics contract, but I'm an avid supporter of the cause). The Toronto Transhumanist Association and the CSC have worked together to support each other over the years.

This year the CSC was fortunate to have the Cryonic Institute's Ben Best give a presentation.

I don't think Ben was taking his audience into consideration when he gave his talk; he gave a broad overview of cryonics and talked about his recent battles with neysayers. I think the crowd was hoping for some more technical information and cutting edge inside news into the cryonics and cryogenics industry.

The potluck and lecture was held outdoors and it was hotter than hell. With the midday sun pounding down on us, it was somewhat surreal and out of context to be talking about freezing bodies at extremely low temperatures. Over the course of Ben's talk, a number of us migrated to the far back to find shelter in the shade.

I took some photographs during the event, including some of Ben's posters. Click here to see the slideshow.

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