August 13, 2006

Ape plays Ms. Pacman

This is an extremely telling video of an ape playing Ms. Pacman.

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George said...

From an email I received from Sue Savage-Rumbaugh:

"I am not sure if you know that the ape playing the Pac man game, is Kanzi. This film was 'bootlegged' from NHK, no one is quite sure how."

"There is a great deal more of the NHK film of Kanzi and Panbanisha doing many different kinds of things. This film, if I can get permission to use it on the web, will resolve all the debated issues about the potential of ape. This film is so compelling and there is so much of it (over 300 hours) in so many different natural circumstances, that any thought that these clips represent anything other than their real competencies, become unreasonable."