January 8, 2012

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Car

Uh, yes, please...

Unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fun-Vii concept car shows that the future of automobiles will be anything but boring or predictable. The 'Vii' stands for Vehicle, Interactive, Internet. It's a car, a gaming machine and a smartphone all in one. Virtually every part of the car can interact with the internet, and almost every surface of the car (both inside and out) is a touchscreen that can be adjusted by the driver, including color changes. And of course, the car can drive itself.

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Elf Sternberg said...

I cannot help but recall, but that in Iron Man, it was Tony Stark in the Fun-Vii who got blown up. Rhodes, in the Hum-drum-Vii, did not.