October 17, 2011

Get started on the Paleo Diet with these resources

For those interested in getting started on Paleo, here are some good places to start:


William said...

PZ Myers wouldn't approve! https://twitter.com/#!/pzmyers/status/106684238719488000

George said...

I really don't get the PZ thing. I stopped following his work months (years?) ago and I'm sure I haven't missed a thing. As your link would suggest. Check out the Ancestral Health talks and see what I mean; there is some serious science emerging that backs all this up.

Humanimal said...

Hi George, I'd like to make a request. Whenever you choose to promote paleo dieting, consider qualifying your recommendation to exclude animal foods produced on CAFOs. Even if someone finds that animal foods are necessary for their optimal health and considers the marginal benefit to be more important than the lives and liberties of other sentient beings, there's no good reason to support CAFOs. Please keep our fellow animals in your mind and in your heart!