November 5, 2009

Link dump for 2009.11.05

From the four corners of the web:
  • J.D. Trout - The Science of the Good Society | Point of Inquiry
    J.D. Trout is a professor of philosophy at Loyola University Chicago, and an adjunct professor at the Parmly Sensory Sciences Institute. He writes on the nature of scientific and intellectual progress, as well as on the contribution that social science can make to human well-being. He is the author of Measuring the Intentional World, and co-author of Epistemology and the Psychology of Human Judgment. His most recent book is The Empathy Gap: Building Bridges to the Good Life and the Good Society.
  • Promises, Promises | The Scientist
    Ill-judged predictions and projections can be embarrassing at best and, at worst, damaging to the authority of science and science policy.
  • Data Suggests Amputee Sprinters Not at a Biomechanical Advantage | MedGadget
    Interest has risen significantly in studying the biomechanics of amputee athletes since Oscar Pistorius's historic bid to be a part of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Oscar Pistorius is a double below the knee amputee who runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot prosthetic feet.

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