September 9, 2009

Nokia mixed reality [video]

Nothing too profound here, but neat nonetheless. I love the near telepathic connection between our two characters. Bruce Sterling's comment made me laugh: "Boy, blondie here has got a tough life." Must be in some kind of post-scarcity society ;-)

Via Bruce Sterling.


Anonymous said...

What makes this video almost real are the see through displays that have now started to hit the market..

xbox 360 is about to come out with project natal, which would give you visual radar control..

All we need not is a small enough powerful enough computer that will fit in th base of those glasses...

Im so game to surf the net this way vs using my old computer screen..

djadvance said...

reminds me of microsofts vision of 2019:

also there's a pair of these glasses already on the market, made by vuzix: