March 25, 2009

Mondolithic Studios: Global Super Organism [image]

This is a concept sketch from the guys at Mondolithic Studios. It was done for Focus Magazine who were looking for an image that represented the emergence of a true ‘global’ intelligence:
Global society can be defined by incorporating concepts from cybernetics, evolutionary theory, and complex adaptive systems and can therefore be seen as a network of self-producing components, and therefore as a living system or “superorganism”. A superorganism is a higher-order, “living” system, whose components are organisms themselves. (in this case, individual humans and their technology).


Mac said...

Pac-Man goes interstellar!

dharmicmel said...

to my mind, this is a very evocative image; it seems to be something like emergence and development of potential, and that of transcendence; it is very definately a sense of the cosmic, which gives my mind a feeling of awe and wonderment

the more that I see images like this, the more that I get the subjective opinion that something really big is in process; it is wonderful, and it is of tremendous concern; still, this particular "lotus" is opening, all of the time

sometimes, I can hardly believe the times I am living in and how fantastic the mind really is, and how our sense of perception seems to be growing, even deepening, with each passing day