February 8, 2009

From Homo sapiens to Homo evolutis

At TED 2009, Juan Enriquez talked about the new human species emerging before our eyes. Thanks to an array of biological advances and our growing aptitude in robotics, we now find ourselves in the early days of the deliberate creation of what he called a new species.
Awesome that Enriquez would talk about this topic at TED, but I think the 'Homo evolutis' meme is rather regrettable and vague. Sounds like a neologism for the sake of a propagating a neologism. I'm a little more comfortable talking about transhumanism, self-guided evolution, post-Darwinianism, post-biology and posthumans.

Comments from my Twittersphere:
  • "Discrimination between old school passive & tech-enabled active speciation. Rich. But is it truly speciation?"
  • "Enriquez doesn't get it. Our bodies are irrelevant (in evo terms), and already have been for centuries. About knowledge now."

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