January 17, 2009

Sato: Are We Close to Creating Super-Humans?

There's a good transhumanist-themed article by Rebecca Sato at The Daily Galaxy (which I highly recommend). Sato wonders if it would be so bad to use genetics to create enhanced humans:
What if a relatively simple procedure could make an individual and his or her offspring more compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful? Currently scientists are using gene therapy in an attempt to wipe out disease, but what if we could save many more lives by wiping out war instead though engineering humans to be less bloodthirsty, hateful and narrow-minded?

After all, Nature isn’t always right. Nature has naturally selected many people to carry the burden of uncomfortable and often lethal genetic disorders. If nature knows best, then shouldn’t we quit trying to “improve” upon nature by “curing” people of genetic conditions we consider inferior? Many say we shouldn’t change human genetics, UNLESS it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Who gets to decide where the line is between righteous endeavor and the corruption of nature? These are the questions facing our generation.

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Nebris said...

Looking at those comments over there, I see a lot of very scared hoomons.