January 29, 2009

Come on ride Toronto's atheist bus!

This is the ad that is currently appearing on some Toronto buses.

Congratulations go out to the Toronto Transhumanist Association's very own Justin Trottier for helping to make it happen.

According to the group's website:
This campaign was created as a rebuttal to the multitude of religious advertisements on city buses, subways, and roadsides. When taking a ride on the TTC here in Toronto it is not uncommon to sit down and look up only to realize someone has posted an advert of a bible quote. Usually something that tries preaching about a God whom supposedly sent his son to save us, somehow inferring that all of us need to be saved or we’re going to hell. The CABC (Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign) wants to advertise inspiring and thought provoking ads that let transit riders know that it’s OK not to believe in a God and that you do not need to be ’saved’. We want to encourage people to look at the facts and evidence before making decisions throughout life, especially when it comes to religion.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that an *agnostic* bus ad?

Martin said...

Apparently there's going to be a counter no-God add by some insecure christian branch...


chesh said...

I just realized that I've never actually seen a really overtly, explicitly religious bus ad here in Salt Lake City of all places. There are always plenty for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's newest CD, or for the latest book about faith, but never any bible quotations or "hey poor! you don't have to be poor anymore! Jesus is here!" ads.
I still wish we could get some of the atheist (agnostic) ones, though!

Carl Youngblood said...

George, apparently you haven't watched the Mormon Transhumanist Association's presentation on the New God Argument. They quite convincingly assert that there probably is (are) God(s):


and they use the likes of Richard Dawkins to do it.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO to the bus ads!
About time non-believers pushed back against the "fantasy-friend in the sky" squad. They've been messing up the globe for centuries.