October 16, 2008




Yeah George,

It's horrible.

You know going to visit an old person's home or visiting a hospital ward for the elderly has a *much* bigger horror impact than going to a funeral.

We were not meant to live like this. Not this.

Those who think death is the worst of it, have not grasped the true perversity of the universe.

The universe will break down great minds... dementia destroys brain cells in old age ...

flowers for AlgerBostrom
(transhumanists growing old)


That is the true horror

dharmicmel said...

what a mirror to each one of us < ! >

when I was working in crisis intervention, I experienced the homes for those abandoned to end times; seemed like an existential limbo, before lights out

I am not sure what we are meant for, but, I know we can do better than just going with the flow on this one; there seems to be no grace, as far as I am concerned, with dementia

this picture is worth one word: transhumanism

Johnny Smoke said...

Is this the same person that's been photo shopped?

George said...

No, it's a real, unaltered photograph.

David Golightly said...

Chet Raymo at Science Musings:

What though the radiance which was once so bright/ Be now for ever taken from my sight,/ Though nothing can bring back the hour/ Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower.


Anonymous said...

Is it a photo of a granddaughter and grandmother, or a photo of the same person years apart?

George said...

I don't know, but apparently it's an unmodified photo, so your guess that it's a grand-daughter and her grandmother may be correct.