April 1, 2008

Latest podcast posted: 2008.04.01

The latest episode of the Sentient Developments Podcast is now available. Alternative audio formats are also available.

This episode:
  • Considering the Hadron Particle Accelerator and asking the question: When is an existential risk TOO risky?

  • What the Fermi Paradox tells us about humanity's future: Making claims about what advanced civilizations DO NOT do.

  • Christopher Hitchens gets it wrong about Buddhism.

    xorgnz said...


    Do you keep a list of the music you've used in your podcasts? I was hoping to track down more info on some of the tracks..

    George said...

    Normally I list track names at the conclusion of each podcast -- but I forgot last time 'round.

    Crystal Castles: "Untrust Us"
    Meshuggah: "Lethargica"
    God is an Astronaut: "Rememberance"