February 6, 2008

Latest podcast posted

Yes, I'm podcasting again. The latest episode can be found here. You can subscribe to this feed.

In this episode I discuss deep brain stimulation, Marquis de Condorcet and our poor attitudes about mental health.


Anonymous said...

George, VERY nice podcast. Well done. But now I have a favor to ask. Please tell me the names of the songs (in order, if possible) that you played in between the episode. Sounded really good!

George said...

Red Sparowes: The Great Leap Forward
Neurosis: To the Wind
Russian Circles: Micah

Starting with the next podcast I'll announce the names of the tracks.

Phil Bowermaster said...

Hey George --

Glad you're back podcasting; have missed having these to listen to. Good points about Britney Speers. To the extent that we think about her at all, it should be sympathetically. Celebrity seems to have poisoned her entire life. The same was apparently true for Heath Ledger as well. Some folks might have been better off if we'd never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you podcasting again. There's really a dearth of transhuman podcasts. RU Sirius's NeoFiles is done and J Hughes often covers topics that aren't really transhuman.

Krustayshun said...

Thanks for the new podcast...
really been jonesing.

Anonymous said...

Please consider using a format that is not patent encumbered. I suppose you can leave the mp3 there and just add other options. FLAC, Ogg, and various uncompressed formats are all available.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast, George. I listened your talk on Mississauga too and I liked it a lot - also learned from it - they were a few things I didn't know.

Also your interview att www.thefuture andyou.com was great !