December 4, 2007

Transhumanist and artificial heart recipient Peter Houghton dies

Sad news in the transhumanist community today: Peter Houghton, the first man in the world to be fitted with a permanent artificial heart, has died at the age of 68.

Houghton, a devout Catholic, frequently talked about how his artificial heart gave him a second lease on life; without the prosthesis he would died seven years ago in 2000. He never blushed at the labels 'cyborg,' 'bionic,' or 'robotic.' For him, this was not some kind of trite science fiction whimsy -- it was a reality that was keeping him alive when he should have been dead.

To that end, he was an avid supporter of the World Transhumanist Association and an advisor to the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Peter worked tirelessly on behalf of Britons with heart disease and those needing artificial organs.

We are grateful to Peter Houghton for his contributions over the years. He will be missed.

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