December 19, 2007

C-Realm Podcast interview

I was recently interviewed by KMO for the C-Realm Podcast.

In this episode KMO speaks to Bill McKibben and gets his insight into the "transhumanist agenda" and what it means to remain human in an engineered age. I provide the counterpoint and discuss the ethical and sociological implications of transhumanism.

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Roko said...

I listened to the podcast a few days ago, and hearing bill McKibben's piece really made me cringe. I especially disliked the way he made it sound like all transhumanists were libertarians - thanks for setting that one straight! I too am a non-libertarian transhumanist.

McKibben is really sneakyily good at framing a debate in a way that ensures his point of view will sound good. Notice how he got everyone into the frame that the human condition was normatively good - by saying things like "if we do X, we're in danger of losing sight of what it means to be human". Call him on this! Maybe we don't want to be human!