December 21, 2007

'Tis the season to be nominated for a science blogging award

How cool is this? My article, The Fermi Paradox: Back With a Vengeance, is being considered for entry into the Science Blogging Anthology, "Open Laboratory 2007." The annual contest, which is organized by Science Blogs, recognizes the best science writing of the year.

My Fermi post was adapted from the talk I gave at TransVision 2007 back in July. The article was subsequently Slashdotted on August 5.

Fellow IEET member Moheb Costandi also has a pair of articles in the contest, The rise and fall of the prefrontal lobotomy, and An Illustrated history of trepanation.

Here's a list of all the entries.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Congrats, George.

I really wanted to read that article when you published it, but never managed to find the time. Now that I have a day off, I will.