December 20, 2006

Today's CBC taping

Today was taping day at the CBC building in Toronto. I am being interviewed for a segment on 'The Hour' about the future of humanity.

It was a very professional operation. The film crew was completely set up and ready for me when I arrived. I sat on a chair in front of a green-screen with scorching hot pot lights blazing down on me. Of course, I was wearing a sweater and I quickly began worrying if I could last for an hour. Thankfully it never got too unbearable.

I was interviewed by the producer while a camera operator moved around taking dynamic shots while another worked a still camera. We talked about a host of things: transhumanism, time-lines, human reproduction, human cloning, exosomatic wombs, stem-cells, nanotechnology, grey goo, cybernetics, memory enhancement, radical life extension and consciousness uploading.

I am happy with my responses and my performance, although I wasn't as articulate as I knew I could be. I asked for several re-takes and the producer was happy to oblige. I hope the editors will weave their magic and make me look like I can actually speak English. Working without a script and improvising answers takes a lot of energy and concentration.

The green-screen was a neat experience. I will be superimposed in front of a while background with some blue water-colour images fading in and out. The show should air during the first week of January. For those in Canada, I'll post the exact date and time of the airing once I know it.

Oh, interesting side-note: Canadian sci-fi novelist Robert Sawyer was interviewed before me about the future of transportation.

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