September 16, 2006

Arguing for animal uplift on Changesurfer Radio

I was interviewed today by James Hughes for Changesurfer Radio. Dr. J devoted the entire 30 minutes to the discussion of animal uplift and my paper, "All Together Now." You can listen to the interview here.


Anne Corwin said...

Nice interview! I listened to it whilst cleaning my fish tank today. The subject really is fascinating (animal uplift) and I am glad to see some degree of serious dialogue taking place on the matter. I think it takes a certain kind of mind and approach to even be able to think about such things as a philosophical thought exercise.

Particularly compelling is the point regarding those animals whose habitats have been destroyed or changed to the point where they can no longer adequately support their native sapient life...I definitely don't think much of a case could be made for NOT giving these nonhuman persons the opportunity to participate in a society which, while not the one they originated in, would allow them to continue onward in relative health and prosperity.

George said...

Thanks for the kind words, Anne. I've appreciated your insights on the issue.