July 10, 2004

Cyborgs in the City

Congratulations to fellow Canadian transhumanist Justice de Thezier for the Montreal Mirror article by Kristian Gravenor, "Cyborgs in the City." Here's an excerpt:
The local group busies itself with the challenge of making government more receptive to the techno-future, translating documents into French and hoping to ensure that the poor also benefit from future innovations. "What people really want to know is whether human enhancement is only going to benefit the Donald Trumps of the world," says Th├ęzier, who wants to bring superintelligent brain implants and other innovations to the all social strata by "guaranteeing safe, universal and voluntary access to them. Because for me, ultimately, it's all about the little guy finally having a chance to not only overcome the biological limitations we all have as human beings but also the social limitations imposed on him."
BTW, the Toronto debate with Margaret Somerville and James Hughes that Justice refers to was the Betterhumans event, Debating the Future, that we organized last year.

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