January 3, 2011

Guardian's 20 predictions for the next 25 years

The Guardian has put together a very good list of predictions for the next 25 years:
  1. Geopolitics: 'Rivals will take greater risks against the US'
  2. The UK economy: 'The popular revolt against bankers will become impossible to resist'
  3. Global development: 'A vaccine will rid the world of Aids'
  4. Energy: 'Returning to a world that relies on muscle power is not an option'
  5. Advertising: 'All sorts of things will just be sold in plain packages'
  6. Neuroscience: 'We'll be able to plug information streams directly into the cortex'
  7. Physics: 'Within a decade, we'll know what dark matter is'
  8. Food: 'Russia will become a global food superpower'
  9. Nanotechnology: 'Privacy will be a quaint obsession'
  10. Gaming: 'We'll play games to solve problems'
  11. Web/internet: 'Quantum computing is the future'
  12. Fashion: 'Technology creates smarter clothes'
  13. Nature: 'We'll redefine the wild'
  14. Architecture: What constitutes a 'city' will change
  15. Sport: 'Broadcasts will use holograms'
  16. Transport: 'There will be more automated cars'
  17. Health: 'We'll feel less healthy'
  18. Religion: 'Secularists will flatter to deceive'
  19. Theatre: 'Cuts could force a new political fringe'
  20. Storytelling: 'Eventually there'll be a Twitter classic'
I'm mostly in agreement, but I'm not sure we'll feel less healthier in a quarter century's time. More.


Nebris said...

The printed future of Christmas dinner

Unknown said...

Im no futurist but most of these concepts are predictions that have been brought up countless times in countless mediums about what the future will look like. There isnt much to agree, or disagree, with. No?

Yordan Georgiev said...

I doubt strongly 8:

Nothing against Russian food but , simply because 2/3 of the Russian soils are poisoned and contaminated ...