November 1, 2010

Abstruse Goose: Even the Einstein of monkeys is still just a monkey

Substitute a human and a posthuman in this Abstruse Goose comic and you pretty much get the transhumanist message.


ZarPaulus said...

I believe that is the definition of a Singularity according to Orion's Arm (and that has about six so far above human).

Michael Anissimov said...

Actually no, because many transhumanists, like James Hughes and Mike Treder, barely ever talk about intelligence enhancement and almost never talk about the possibility of qualitative intelligence enhancement. It's as if they think "transhumans" will just consist of cyborgs with human minds, or "cyborg Buddhas" that are merely incremental improvements on the current norm. Low SL3 transhumanism.

Great comic, thanks for posting it.