October 3, 2009

SS09: Randal Koene "The Time is Now We Need Whole Brain Emulation"

Benjamin Peterson is covering the Singularity Summit for Sentient Developments.

"Is the brain enough? Is the mind enough?"

Don't bother wasting time on the engineering biospheres for humans to live in space! Just figure out how to move what's in our skulls into a different substrate.

Physicality of the mind ... information must be preserved. move the mind off the meat substrate. Randal is impressing upon his audience the importance of shedding the fleshbag.

Theodore Berger building hippocampus replacement.

"In-vivo techniques, neural recording, neural interfacing:
• Scary/risky procedures
• chronic implantation
• power supply
• scale and bandwidth .."

Different technologies could provide less-invasive (?) modalities: qdots.

Multiscale scanning requirements, need to record neuronal activity at different levels of activity (voxel, group, spike, analog, spatial, molecular)

The human connectome. Automated tape-collecting lathe ultramicrotome ... o.O

Question from the audience regarding continuity. "If you make a copy the original dies ... what about the problem of continuity?"


ZarPaulus said...

I have one idea how copying your mind could lead to immortality. Link your nervous system to the device containing your emulation (this assumes that WBE would be non-fatal) so that it is practically an extension of yourself, then allow your biological body to die. If you wait a while after linking to die then you could be in two places at once.

Cristian said...

so, what was the answer to the question from de audience?

Unknown said...

Have a good time with cutting away a part of yourself, especially of your brain.

The biological brain, while linked to the emulation device, continues developing. So what or whom are you going to kill? A part of you being one person in two places or one of two persons? In the latter case: murder? And because it is still questionable, whether the entity in the emulation device counts as a person, this could as well be homicide of the biological person using an automatized device.