October 3, 2009

SS09: Goertzel, Hameroff

Benjamin Peterson is covering the Singularity Summit for Sentient Developments.

Ben talks about neural symbolic architecture for cognitive robotics. Ben shows demonstrations of physicalized AGI systems using neural symbolic architecture using the Nao robot platform. Doc Goertzel shows video of an AGI which recognizes the emotions of a human, and proceeds to show video of a Second Life implementation of AGI. Watch Ben's dress rehearsal here, the videos are included.

Ben goes on to list a proven record of AGI (Biomind) assisting in medical research. For example Biomind was used aging networks from gene expression data from Genescient's Methuselah flies.

He closes by referring people to his talk from AGI-09 "Stages of Ethical Development in AGI Systems" and invites everyone to AGI-10.

Hameroff takes the stage and remarks on the historical failures of artificial intelligence research, citing Newell and Simon (dating back to the 40s.) Not because it's impossible but because the researchers are not modeling the correct structures. He goes on to describe microtubules, quantum effects in the brain, gamma-states indicative of consciousness (*BING*) states in the brain. He glosses over the Quantum Consciousness theory he has developed with Roger Penrose and encourages AI researchers to model cilia.

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