October 17, 2009

Link dump: 2009.10.17

From the four corners of the web:
  • Wolfram Alpha's Second Act
    Following a sharp drop in interest, the "computational knowledge engine" pins hopes on API--and homework.
  • The Future of Supercomputers is Optical
    An IBM researcher gives a timeline for developing the next generation of supercomputers.
  • Google Profits Up 27% in Q3
    Google's quarterly profits jumped 27 percent, year over year, to $1.65 billion, marking a very strong showing in the third quarter of a tough year and outstripping analyst's predictions of results for the search and advertising giant.
  • Three Google Wave Searches Worth Saving - Searches - Lifehacker
    After only a few weeks of Wave usage, my inbox is full of waves from strangers and items I don't particularly care about. Rather than archiving everything in Wave, I'm going with the flow–with the help of saved searches.

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