June 21, 2009

Yesterday's tomorrow: "Nanotechnology - Age of Convergence"

I'm skirting the line with the 'reto-futurism' here, but this video, which was posted on YouTube in 2006, feels like it's much older (early to mid 90's? -- if you know, please let me know). The video itself is actually pretty cool -- I love the music and cheesy sound effects.


djadvance said...

Haha, you're completely right about the music and sound effects. Awesome find.

Go Democrats said...

This was a student project at the Academy of Art College in SF that took 9 mos to make. It had to have been made in the late 90s because Kevin Cain, who is listed on the credits, only worked there from 95-2000. But the graphics and music are cheesy because Charles Ostman, who was in charge of the project, has a personal aesthetic sensibility like the Timecube guy (look at Ostman's Historian of the Future page to see).