April 7, 2009


The A-Pod is an ant-inspired hexapod robot with a 2 degrees of freedom (DOF) abdomen (tail) and a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. Its 6 legs have 3 DOF each. The device itself has a total of 25 servos. The robot is controlled remotely with a custom 2.4 GHz RC transmitter.

This video primarily demonstrates body movement and mandible control. The developer still wants to do some mechanical improvements to the legs for improved walking.

Via Posthuman Blues.


Cristian said...

It is the most advance robot in what movility means, that i have seen.

TheEggMan said...

That thing definitely looks life-like to me. So if we give that thing some solar panels and automate it to seek light, what is the big difference between it and an ant?