February 19, 2009

New F1 cars and rules [CG video full of awesomeness]

Here's the new McLaren MP4-24:

I'm looking forward to watching Lewis Hamilton race this beauty.


Anonymous said...

Cool to know that you're an F1 fan. Vettel was very very good last season, we'll see what he'll do this one. I'm hoping that this year Kubica will be as good as the first half of last year's season. Hopefully we'll see more races like the one in Montreal 2008 :-)

greets from Europe.

Adam Kantor said...

Thanks for that video, it was concise and informative.

I hope this season is as exciting as last season was. To think it all came down to the last race and one position in the field made the difference. I'm hoping McLaren has another stellar year.

George said...

I'll be rooting for Hamilton again. But there's no race in Montreal this year :-(

JoMo said...

Good stuff. The point about less wingy bits, which he just about alluded to, is to reduce not only the amount of turbulent air behind the cars but also their reliance on aerodynamic grip. This ties in with the return of slicks which provides more mechanical grip to balance it out a bit. Less aero grip means cars can follow closer to the back of others in the high speed corners (think turn 8 at Turkey) and should result in more overtaking as a result.

I've already booked my tickets for the British GP, which as it might be the last at Silverstone for a while, with a Brit potentially in contention for the win and all the rule changes will hopefully be a cracking weekend.

Anonymous said...

@ano: you lucky bastard! :-)

Last year's Silverstone race was insanely funny, with Massa spinning around like crazy...