October 13, 2008

What I've been reading 2008.10.13

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dharmicmel said...

It is my fervent hope that genetic engineering will provide for such a state of enhancement and potential, as to eliminate competitive sports, because the playing field and even the very definitions will be so changed, as to no longer be meaningful as they are now. Just as hunting and killing defenseless birds is entirely repulsive and completely unnecessary, so too will competitive sports be unnescessary in the greater scheme of things, and especially for sentient beings who are majorly involved in ever-increasing evolution. As potential and enhancement are availabe to more and more sentient beings, and as what sentient being becomes both in meaning and experience, I am hoping that competition in all of its forms, will be entirely edited out. Evolved sentient beings, whether human or transhuman, will, in my view, no longer need or want competition. Having transcended competition, we will have removed a major existential bottleneck, and the straitjacket of a limiting, and even unnecessary status quo, will be gone, and then the future will contain many new and wonderful horizons.
It is, in my view, time to move beyond competition, and especially competitive sports, and begin to start some major evolutions.