October 27, 2008

Enter the robots

  • 20 Killed in One of the Deadliest Drone Attacks Ever
  • Packs of Robots Will Hunt Down Uncooperative Humans
  • Marshal Brain Makes Splash With Structural Unemployment Message at Singularity Summit 08
  • Latest web fad: Robocop on Unicorn

    Anonymous said...

    It's awesome to see Marshall Brain get that kind of a venue (small as it is) for his work.

    As for Pakistani UAV attacks, Dead Bots Tell No Tales.

    dharmicmel said...

    this is a great feature on robotics; unfortunately, it represents the darkside, more than anything else; it is good in a sense, because we can't continue to practice denial on this one, and because the evolution of being and becoming demands looking into all things regarding present human nature; the problems seem so very large, in fact, almost impossible, so I think it is going to be difficult for people to really come to grips here; imagine what will happen if this is left to the powers that be .....

    military applications and robotics as presented in these articles seem insane to me; if we keep this up, we will paint it black for the human experience; I just love the thought of merciless robots hunting down "uncooperative" human beings; that is so loaded with possibilities, that it makes me want to hide in a bunker and watch re-runs of Lost in Space; it also paves the way for a dictatorship, one that will not be easy to deal with, and one that will not have the romantic illusions contained in the terminaor movies

    M. Brain's comments about employment and robotics mirror my thoughts and feelings on the subject; I suspect that we will resist this type of thinking, because most do not want to believe it might come to be true