May 11, 2008

Syndication strangeness

I recently had 50% of my RSS subscribers suddenly disappear (I use FeedBurner). If for some reason you were knocked off my syndication list, please re-subscribe. And be sure to subscribe to the Sentient Developments podcast.


Anonymous said...

Don't panic, George; every now and again the subscribers using Google Reader drop out of Feedburner's stats for a day. I expect you'll find them back to normal as of today. Funnily enough, this problem only started after Google bought Feedburner. Go figure. :)

George said...

Yeah, I've gone thru this before -- but this has latest for 3 days :-(

Anonymous said...

This might not be related to your problem, but just for your information, feedburner is blocked here in the People's Republic of China. We can't access the Sentient Developments or site from beyond the Great Firewall without a work around.